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Fusing the art of website design

Fusing the art of website design with the science of development and the efficiency of automation

website design

with the science of


science of development

and the efficiency of automation

efficiency of automation

we engineer custom web experiences that are visually compelling & highly functional.

It ain't just about design with us

We craft experiences for your customers, experiences that’ll knock their socks off and keep ’em coming back for more.

So, how do we pull this off?

First, we dive headfirst into our research, getting under the skin of what your customers want. Next, we stay focused on making their experience with your product unforgettable. By understanding their needs, we create a memorable journey that keeps them coming back.

Our work process revolves around clarity and communication.

Our team is made up of dedicated professionals who work hard to deliver the great results you deserve. We believe that outstanding achievements are a team effort. Consequently, we work together to ensure success.

Please meet our remarkable team – we are truly exceptional!

Vijayinder Singh

Managing Director, Founder

With gentle humility and irresistible charm, he navigates the boardroom like a true maestro, making every interaction seem effortless.

Childhood Dream Job: Navy Officer 

Superpower Wish: Selfless, Enlightenment

Dream Vacation Destination: Mars, Explore Universe


Swapnil Samfrancisco

Managing Director, Founder

With a positive approach and a health-conscious lifestyle, he infuse vitality and enthusiasm into every aspect of their work and life.

Childhood Dream Job: Astronaut

Superpower Wish: Telepathy

Dream Vacation Destination: Harry Potter Theme Park London


Sneha Samfrancisco

Managing Director, Founder

Truly a delightful conversationalist at heart, she blend joyfulness with sharp intellect in perfect harmony.

Childhood Dream Job: Fashion Designer

Superpower Wish: Reading Minds

Dream Vacation Destination: Hawaii

Bhart thakur

Bharat Thakur

Sr. Web Developer

The ever-busy web developer, where innovation never sleeps and code always speaks.

Childhood Dream Job: Musician

Superpower Wish: Superhuman Endurance

Dream Vacation Destination: Iceland


Jashan Jaswal

Front End & GHL Developer

On-time, every time – a web developer whose code is as reliable as their clockwork.

Childhood Dream Job: Civil Services

Superpower Wish: Invisibility

Dream Vacation Destination: Paris


Sukhwinder Kaur

Business Development Manager

Fusing enthusiasm with expertise, a business development manager who transforms every obstacle into a stepping stone.

Childhood Dream Job: Mathematics Teacher

Superpower Wish: Premonition

Dream Vacation Destination: Red Mountain Trail, Canada


Praveen Thakur

Web & Graphic Designer

On the path to digital greatness, where early designs and code mark the beginning of a promising career.

Childhood Dream Job: Cricketer

Superpower Wish: Invisibility, flying

Dream Vacation Destination: Kedarnath

Akash Rai

Aakash Rai

UX/UI Graphic Designer

This graphic designer captures dreams within their designs, breathing life into imagination with every creation.

Childhood Dream Job: Cricketer, Doctor

Superpower Wish: Time Travel

Dream Vacation Destination: Switzerland, Bali

Manveer Bawa

Manveer Gir

WordPress Developer

Quiet in words, loud in innovation – a soft-spoken wizard of web development.

Childhood Dream Job: Artist

Superpower Wish: Flying

Dream Vacation Destination: Canada 


Shivam Thakur

Web & Graphic Designer

With an enthusiastic and friendly personality, he is always eager to contribute to and grow with the team.

Childhood Dream Job: Police man

Superpower Wish: Spiderman

Dream Vacation Destination: USA

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